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    WAX.ioTuesday, March 17, 2020 10:23 PM

    ☁️ PARTNERSHIP: Our next partnership is with a global tech company that will be a game changer for the WAX Ecosystem! Latest🗓 Latest News:
    🗞 WAX Labs launched to fund#blockchainprojects with millions of dollars in WAX:🗞 LiquidApps's#DAPPNetwork integration on WAX is now live:/🗞 First project got funded through WAX Labs:🗞Gary Vee references Topps on WAX:🎥 WAX ON👏🏼 Become a WAX Guild! Apply📍 Use these commands in Chat for more information:#account#network#waxaccount#guilds#RAM#waxger#exchanges#genesis#mainnet#soon#stakingrewards#waxru#whitepaper🧠 Useful links:Mainpage & All Access Interaction & Sell RAM Performance Rewards Trade Explorer Statushttps://status.wax.ioWAX Stats vIRL & VGO Siteshttps://vgorefs.comBlockchains Comparison & Dapps putting this list together)📙🔶 Official WAX Telegram Admins@WAX_Arielle(WAX_Arielle | |🔶 Moderators:@WAX_Eike(Eike Pinne)💻 Social Media / News🔸 Twitter🔸 WAX Discord🔸 Facebook🔸 Website (Blog, News)🔸🔸 Reddit🔸 Unofficial Community-Made Website:❗️ If you can't find any information related to your question here, feel free to ask in the channel

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